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What we offer

Carbon and Water footprint Quantification

Measurements of environmental footprints such as water and carbon. We identify the critical points of consumption of our clients to propose efficient solutions in the use of their resources.

Carbon footprint verification

We verify the carbon footprint measurements, using the chilean Footprint Program and other different methodologies of the Carbon Market.

Waste Management

We advise our clients proposing solutions for minimizing waste generation. Also we provide comprehensive advices to manage waste, under the new legal framework that will be presented after the establishment of the REP law. After commercial agreements with recycling companies aligned with the corporate values ​​of Sustrend, we provide our customers with a sustainable final destination for their waste.


We teach companies the impacts relatives implementation of the REP Law, delivering solutions aligned with the hierarchy of Waste Management. Additionally, we generate innovation in waste that can’t yet be included in the Circular Economy of the priority product, giving it value and developing new economic models.

Clean production agreements

We advise companies who seek to implement a management instrument that applies to production processes, products and services in order to improve productive, environmental, social and hygiene and safety conditions.

Technology Transfer

We obtain international funds for the promotion of innovative technologies that allow us to be a test pilot in different productive sectors in order to increase their competitiveness and reduce environmental impacts.

Circular Economy

We develop economic models that allow to boost the circular economy from innovation, and strengthen the upgrade of potentially recyclable materials.

Sustainable Events Advice

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SUSTRENDLAB is a Chilean company, specialized in research and development of innovative materials, based on the reutilization of industrial waste, thus contributing to generate dynamism in the circular economy.